Department of Energy (DoE) nach Level VI 

This Regulation shall enter into force on 10 February 2016 and shall apply to all external power supplies either imported or imported into the United States. The new standard exacerbates the prescribed minimum average efficiency of external power supplies during operation and maximum idle power consumption. This applies to a variety of external power supplies in a wide range of industries. The conformity with the new regulation is indicated by the number VI on the net, the packaging or the accompanying documents.

Compared to the current Level V regulation, the new DoE Level VI standard has not only stricter requirements for average efficiency and idle current consumption, but the standard has also been extended to other products that were previously exempted: multi-output and with Over 250 W power.

But there are exceptions: equipment that must be listed at the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), medically approved devices, and all external AC / DC power supplies with a small 3 V output and greater than or equal to 1000 mA output current for charging applications A battery of a product which is fully or partially motorized. Also, certain external power supplies are exempt from life assurance and safety equipment and do not have to fully meet the stringent requirements.

This Products for example meet DoE Lev. VI: