Battery charger Lead & Li-Ion

We are manufacturer of battery chargers for lead-, lead-GEL- , AGM-  and lithium-ion-batteries. They are used, inter alia, for vehicles with 12 and 24 V, medical electric wheelchairs and other rehabilitation products as well as golf caddies with 16.8 V Li-ion. 


Wet-AGM-GEL-Lead- battery-charger

Here you will find our battery chargers for wet-, AGM- GEL-Lead batteries. It can be used for vehicles with 12 and 24 V e.g. electric wheelchairs and other rehabilition products.


Here you find matching accessories for our battery chargers.

Other options on request

If you did not find the product what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or our procuct-contact-form. Together we will find the suitable or the …