As a partner of EA ELEKTRO-AUTOMATIK GMBH & CO. KG we offer a wide range of electronic loads.

The programmable electronic loads of EA product families are optimized in performance, function and performance.

By combination of standardised electronic platforms out of a modular structure, we generate a large portfolio of electronic-load series, perfectly adapted in power, function, performance and cost to the numerous applications in industrial environment and R&D.

Programmable electronic loads are available in conventional technology and also with regenerative power supply.


Electronic loads with recovery funktion

The energy drawn from the EUT/DC source connected is converted into a mains-synchronous AC voltage and fed back into the cocal grid. The recovered energy can be used up again, so …

Conventional electrical loads

All electrical loads offer the four control modes constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant power (CP) and constant resistance (CR).