for new safety DIN EN 62368-1
Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment

Why do we need the new safety standard 62368?

  • For all IT and AV products the European Union announced the new regulation EN 62368-1 which will completely replace the existing standards EN 60950-1 and EN 60065 by 20th December 2020. The industry shall soon be prepared for the safety and security conversion. In view of this, we will gradually up-grading the product lines of PC, IPC,  Adapters and Open Frame power supplies to meet the requirements of EN 62368-1 in order to secure and gain market opportunities for our customers. In the following, we will only consider our products and thus relevant EN 60950-1.


When EN 60950-1 will be withdrawn and EN 62368-1 be implemented in Europe?


How to deal with the models on stock only compliant with EN 60950-1 after 20/12/2020?

  • They still can be sold without restriction within the EU


What will happen to applications in the market which are only approved by EN 60950-1?

  • Goods which are already imported into the EU further is free for trade to customers as long as the PSUs are already shipped into the EU and stored at the end customer selling the application to the market. New imported shipments to our customer have to fulfil EN 62368-1 or eventually dual approval.


What about repaired units of older models which had been only approved by EN 60950-1?

  • No impact on defective and repaired goods which are already in the market.


Do all countries accept EN 62368-1?

  • No, some countries, e.g. Japan, China and Korea, are still working on harmonized standard and only accept EN 60950-1 for PSUs. For worldwide trade, FSP will have dual approval for our new models.


When will other countries use the new Safety EN 62368-1?

  • Depending on local version of law, it is an individual decision of each country when EN 60950-1 will be finally phased out and EN 62368-1 will become mandatory.


Which countries are following the new safety standard EN 62368 outside the EU? 


Will medical PSUs be elfected by this new standard?

  • Medical standard EN 60601-1 will not be effected by EN 62368-1.


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