EA-PSI9200-04DT-DC Laboratory power supply-06200502

EA-PSI9200-04DT, DC-Laboratory power supply, 320 W, 200 V, 4 A, integr. Arbiträrgenerator

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The microprocessor controlled laboratory power supplies of series EA-PSI 9000 DT offer a user-friendly, interactive handling concept, along with a extensive set of standard features, which can facilitate operating them. Configuration of output parameters, supervision features and other settings is smart and comfortable. The implemented supervision features for all output parameters can help to reduce test equipment and make it almost unnecessary to install external supervision hardware and software. The clear control panel with its two knobs, one pushbutton, two LEDs and the touch panel with colour display for all important values and status enable the user to handle the device easily with a few touches of a finger. For the integration into semi-automatic and remotely controlled test and automation systems, the devices offer a set of interfaces (analog and digital) on their rear side.


  • Wide input voltage range 90…264 V with active PFC
  • High efficiency: 89%
  • Output power ratings: 320 W
  • Output voltages: 0…200 V
  • Output currents: 0…4 A
  • Flexible, power regulated output stage
  • Supervision (OVP, OCP, OPP)
  • Overtemperature protection (OTP)
  • Intuitive touch panel with display for values, status and notificationsGalvanically
  • Galvanically isolated analog interface
  • USB port and Ethernet built in
  • Integrated function generator
  • Internal resistance simulation and regulation
  • Low ripple
  • Desktop enclosure with carrying handle and tilt stand
  • 40 V models compliant to SELV (EN 60950)
  • Discharge circuit (Uout < 60 V in ≤ 10 s)
  • SCPI command language supported
  • Weight: 320 W 7.5 kg
  • Dimensions body only (W x H x D) 92 x 239 x 352 mm 


The equipment uses an active Power Factor Correction (short: PFC), enabling worldwide use on a mains input from 90 VAC up to 264 VAC. Models with 1.5 kW will derate their output power to 1 kW below input voltages of 150 VAC.


All models are equipped with a flexible auto-ranging output stage which provides a higher output voltage at lower output current, or a higher output current at lower output voltage, always limited to the max. nominal output power. The maximum power set value is adjustable with these models. Therefore, a wide range of applications can already be covered by the use of just one unit.


DC output voltages between 0…40 V and 0…750 V, output currents between 0…4 A and 0…60 A and output power ratings between 320 W and 0…1500 W are available. Current, voltage and power can thus be adjusted continuously between 0% and 100%, no matter if manually or remotely controlled (analog or digital). The output terminals are located on the front side of the devices. Compared to other power supply series, the PSI 9000 DT feature a built-in, additional output filter to achieve much lower ripple, i. e. low noise on the DC output voltage.


Models with a nominal output voltage of 200 V or higher include a discharge circuit for the output capacities. For no load or low load situations, it ensures that the dangerous output voltage can sink to under 60 V DC after the DC output has been switched off. This value is considered as limit for voltages dangerous to human safety.


For protection of the equipment connected, it is possible to set an overvoltage protection threshold (OVP), as well as one for overcurrent (OCP) and overpower (OPP). As soon as one of these thresholds is reached for any reason, the DC output will be immediately shut off and a status signal will be generated on the display and via the interfaces. There is furthermore an overtemperature protection, which will shut off the DC output if the device overheats.


The standard sensing input can be connected directly to the load in order to compensate voltage drops along the cables. If the sensing input is connected to the load, the power supply will detect this and adjust the output voltage automatically to ensure the accurate required voltage is available at the load.


There is a galvanically isolated analog interface terminal, located on the rear of the device. It offers analog inputs to set voltage, current, power and resistance from 0…100% through control voltages of 0 V…10 V or 0 V…5 V. To monitor the output voltage and current, there are analog outputs with 0 V…10 V or 0 V…5 V. Also, several inputs and outputs are available for controlling and monitoring the device status. Set values and actual values of output voltage, output current and output power are clearly represented on the graphic display. The colour TFT screen is touch sensitive and can be intuitively used to control all functions of the device with just a finger. Set values of voltage, current, power or resistance (internal resistance simulation) can be adjusted using the rotary knobs or entered directly via a numeric pad. To prevent unintentional operations, all operation controls can be locked.


All models within this series include a true function generator which can generate typical functions, as displayed in the figure below, and apply them to either the output voltage or the output current. The generator can be completely configured and controlled by using the touch panel on the front of the device, or by remote control via one of the digital interfaces. The predefined functions offer all necessary parameters to the user, such as Y offset, time / frequency or amplitude, for full configuration ability. Additionally to the standard functions, which are all based upon a so-called arbitrary generator, this base generator is accessible for the creation and execution of complex sets of functions, separated into up to 99 sequences. These can be used for testing purposes in development and production. The sequences can be loaded from and saved to a standard USB flash drive via the USB port on the front panel, making it easy to change between different test sequences. Fictional example of a complex function (40 sequences) as it can be realised with the arbitrary generator. The function can be created on the device or externally and then loaded or saved:


To set output values without a direct impact on the output condition, the set values are also shown on the display, positioned below the actual values. With this, the user can preset required values for voltage, current and power. It is either done by using the rotary knobs or by direct input on the touch panel. The five user profiles furthermore enable the user to switch easily between often used set values, just by activating a different user profile.


All models offer supervision features for voltage and current steps. The supervision is configurable to monitor voltage or current over- and undershooting. As a reaction, the device can generate a notification of selectable type: - Signals are displayed only; even if the fault is still active, without affecting the output - Warnings remain active and must be acknowledged after the fault is removed - Alarms will instantly shut off the output


Included with the device is a control software for Windows PC, which allows for the remote control of multiple identical or even different types of devices. It has a clear interface for all set and actual values, a direct input mode for SCPI and ModBus RTU commands, a firmware update feature and the semi-automatic table control named “Sequencing”. Optionally unlockable with a licence code, the app “Multi Control” can monitor and control up to 20 units at once and in one windows. The sequencing feature and data logging are here available as well.


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EA-PSI9200-04DT-DC Laboratory power supply-06200502

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Portrait von Christoph Thomas
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