IATF 16949:2016




Our own manufacturing facility is IATF 16949 CERTIFIED!


Shanghai TPS Power Electronic Co., Ltd. 
has been IATF16949: 2016 certified since November 3rd, 2020!


The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) gave the new automotive standard the designation IATF 16949.

The IATF 16949 standard was developed to meet customer satisfaction and expectations for product safety, risk management and contingency planning, change and warranty management and the management of sub-tier suppliers. The focus here is on avoiding errors. Certification according to IATF 16949 proves that a company fulfills the quality management system requirements, goes through a continuous improvement process and, in particular, absolutely meets customer-specific requirements. The key word here is avoiding errors and reducing fluctuations and inefficiency.

The standard combines all important previous standards and their interfaces. Previous national automotive quality standards such as QS-9000, EAQF 94, AVSQ and VDA6.1 are therefore included in IAFT16949.

The IATF 16949:2016 certification covers the entire value chain of automotive manufacturing and applies to both manufacturers and suppliers. However, this certification is not an independent standard, but only applies as a supplement to ISO9001:2015, which focuses on process-oriented company procedures.

The IATF is made up of automobile manufacturers and trade associations and aims to improve the quality of automotive products and their supply chains worldwide.

IATF members include:

  • AIAG (U.S.)
  • ANFIA (Italy)
  • FIEV (France)
  • SMMT (U.K.)
  • VDA QMC (Germany)


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